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I am a recent PhD graduate in Political Science at Washington University in St. Louis and will begin working as an assistant professor at Texas Tech University in the Fall of 2013. In the past year I was also an APSA Congressional Fellow and worked in Senator Claire McCaskill's office in Washington, D.C. until the end of the summer.

My teaching and research interests are in general related to American political institutions and within American politics I am particularly interested in executive politics and the institutional presidency. These interests include both the President and the extended executive bureaucracy. Most of my research to date has concerned presidential/congressional inter-branch relations but I also have an active interest in environmental and energy policy.

My dissertation examines the factors that motivate the Senate to delay executive nominations to bureaucratic agencies. Specifically, I am interested in the strategic, partisan motivations behind the tendency to delay nominees. Additionally, I examine the factors associated with failed nominations as well as presidential responses to delay in order to gain a full picture of this inter-branch interaction. I defended my dissertation ( Download Here ) and graduated in the Summer of 2013.

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